Signed Books

Ernest Zevon

A signed copy direct from the author, P. C. DETTMANN. Free postage in the UK. Ernest Zevon is a London musician and drug dealer. His life changes when a beautiful saxophonist befriends him in a Soho bar. They tour the country in a new crime caper from an original British author. Featuring Jorja Pearson. When Jorja meets Ernest he is playing his last show. He has problems with money, drugs and alcohol. Jorja wants a singer to pair up with so that she can get back into the Soho music scene. But Ernest is a lone wolf. Jorja has her own problems, including her son and her sister. The four of them make the unlikeliest road trip north to seek their fortunes and change their lives. They achieve neither.

Kicking Tin

A signed copy direct from the author, Paul Charles. Free postage in the UK. In 1996, a TWA jet exploded into the sea after taking off from JFK. For years, some people thought it had been shot down by a missile. What if they were right? Mike Gilham is a tin-kicker. Someone who investigates plane crashes. He’s from Manchester, England but works in Washington DC for the NTSB. What appears to be an appalling accident, a plane crash in the Potomac, quickly becomes an international scandal. Mike risks his life to find out what happened in the skies over Washington that day.

All free P&P in the UK.