Wancock Goes Postal On Burley

Hours after the government brought in another nonsensical rule that nobody will understand or be able to follow, Wancock has appeared to blame the public for requesting too many tests on the fact that the testing capacity has been overwhelmed in recent days.

Amid growing anger at the distances people are being requested to travel for a test, the government has been on the ropes. Yesterday some faceless wonder missing a chin said it would take a couple of weeks to fix. Now with Wancock suggesting as many as a quarter of all tests are for people without symptoms, the government strategy is clear: blame the hapless individuals whipped up into a frenzy by Wancock and cronies in the first place.

PE has anecdotal evidence of people being asked to travel hundreds of miles in his tiny circle of informants. If you click the “key worker” box on the 111 online form, you miraculously find that tests are available closer to home. Clearly this only works for key workers, but it is worth knowing as it is far from obvious that the box will actually result in a shorter drive and less disruption. PE has no idea what happens if you have no car, as presumably the public transport operators have no wish to carry people with suspected COVID travelling for a test.

This is a failed government run by hangers-on. Wancock and Weaselson need to be jettisoned if Boris is to hang on for another year of this crisis.