COVID Winter

After weeks of stating clearly “no more national lockdowns” Wancock has now written in The Times to undo his own work. Now we learn that a national lockdown is possible if not probable which fatally undermines the premature campaign to force us all onto unfit trains to arrive at overcrowded Victorian workhouses known as open plan offices. See my blog yesterday.

And Weaselson has unveiled a Draconian “one case and you’re out” process for schools which might mean an entire year group of up to 400 kids being sent home after just one positive case. This does not read like “keep schools open no matter what” and the media are predictably trashing it. He’s toast.

Neither of these idiots were ever cabinet material and their summers horribilis prove it. If they aren’t removed soon the party will remove their king. He has until Christmas. If there’s a proper national outbreak he won’t last that long.

During the first/last national lockdown I decided to write a daily blog on LinkedIn. It wasn’t really my idea but it became a useful way to assess the daily bombardment of tighter restrictions. The UK government was in a mess and I chose to write a lampoon, a form of satire sometimes known as pasquinade. I didn’t intend to bring it back, and it won’t be daily, but I find myself appalled for the second day in a row by the “dream team” of Wancock and Weaselson. Yes, they’re back. And so am I.