Private Investigations

I set this site up to contain some of my archive material, especially my work for The Z Review which ran for around a year in 2017 and which I started with some great friends in New York. We’re all still friends, but The Z Review just couldn’t pay its way. It’s virtually impossible to make a words-only site pay its way now. The advertising just makes the site look cheap and pays peanuts. But I miss my investigative work, which at that time focused mainly on the tribulations and crooked dealings of RBS.

I’ve been following and learning from Bellingcat in recent years, but even before that I admired Private Eye. Their In The Back team have been doing great things for decades. Another friend reminded me that they covered the Distillers scandal in the 1980s, but they were knifing the powerful in the back long before that.

Today, the #Grauniad has alerted me to a company called Public First, which seems to have won an interesting contract to help Ofqual with PR. You might think that Ofqual need top PR at the moment, but this contract started in June. That’s right, Public First are the geniuses who completely failed to communicate the exams strategy to the public and anyone remotely involved in education. And Public First is run by cronies of the Gove-Cummings school of egregious narcissism. Watch this space!