Paddy & Billy

The story of how Paddy and Billy kidnapped a German General during WW2 on Crete has been told many times. But each account lacks the perspective of one or more of the protagonists. For decades, Captain Billy Moss’s account was the definitive one. His book, Ill Met By Moonlight, became a major motion picture. Even though the inaccuracies drove Patrick Leigh Fermor, Paddy, to distraction, the movie has become the reality.

But what about the Germans? What about the Cretans? And how far can we trust first-hand accounts? We take another look at one of SOE’s greatest triumphs. How did the plan come about? At this distance, almost a century later, what have we learned about this chapter?

All will be revealed in, I hope, the book: Paddy & Billy, Kidnapping the General, in 2021. And if you cannot wait, you can listen to the first part of my special podcast here.