Pandemic Pandemonium

You don’t need me to tell you to wash your hands. I hope you’ve been washing your hands since you were five, or younger. So why does everyone keep telling me to wash my hands? The reason is that they have not been washing theirs. If someone tells you to wash your hands, they are a filthy animal.

You don’t need a face mask. Period.

What you are going to need for the next couple of months is a steel survival instinct. If you want a vision of dystopia, look to Italy. They have imposed a draconian, totalitarian curfew on 60 million people. You don’t want me to remind you when that last happened in Europe. Italy is not the answer.

America does not have the answer, and luckily for you, you’re up to a month behind Europe. This gives you time to watch and learn, if you would like to.

Perhaps no single country has the answer. But Britain is doing well. We have a natural moat, unique to the Western world. If we choose to close the Eurotunnel and the airports, we have a safety buffer that could be the envy of the world.

So far, we remain open. As long as you’re not flying to Italy or China, you can still fly wherever you want to go. But change is gonna come. We have been told we have ten to fourteen days before even those with a minor cold will be asked to stay at home. If that does not work, we will be coerced. What happens after that is totally unpredictable.

Given the unpredictability of a world driven by seven billion chaotic fools, I would like to make a prediction. Everything will be okay. You will be okay. The best thing you can do is put your head down, and carry on with normal life. Don’t be ruled by fear. And wash your hands.