I’ve had coronavirus every year since I was born. Mostly it’s fine, but sometimes it’s a little worse than others. Nobody seems to know how bad, or how different, this new coronavirus is. You suspect everyone wants to call it Chinese Flu but instead they call it COVID-19. One day it will get a better name. But my guess is it won’t, it will just become another type of flu.

What is often worse than the virus, or the fire, or the floods or the other health scare, is the human reaction. Panic is a more dangerous ailment than any of those. Panic really can kill in large numbers, and it’s older than we are.

As you try to get to work today, and as you try to make the best of a cold weekend, try not to panic. Worse things happen at sea. You probably won’t get it, but if you do, you’ll probably be okay. I think that applies to most things in life. And if the worst happens, you won’t know about it.