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Sky News Invents New Industry Sector

We are trying to corroborate this with our usual sources but for now, accept this as fact. Sky News has found a new part of the economy formerly unknown to capitalism.More

Cummings Going

In a move that surprised nobody after a week of turmoil behind the lace curtains of No. 10 Downing Street, Dominic Cummings, who said he would be ‘gone before Christmas’ when PE awoke this morning, has gone already.More

Laurel and Harding

As pressure mounts on a track and trace system even Royal Mail would be embarrassed by, bad news continues to seep out of the sticky fetid mess caused by the chummy Baroness, Diana Mary “Dido” Harding. We’ve known for weeks that insiders are referring to her matronship and her male sidekick, Mike “Little Deuce” Coupe of Sainsbury’s, the food retailer who can’t even avoid job losses when demand for food eaten at home is through the roof, as Laurel and Harding.More

Wancock Goes Postal On Burley

Hours after the government brought in another nonsensical rule that nobody will understand or be able to follow, Wancock has appeared to blame the public for requesting too many tests on the fact that the testing capacity has been overwhelmed in recent days.More

Zante / Zakynthos

Oh, Greece, where did it all go wrong? Some left-wing Greek Guardian columnist blocked me on Twitter in the spring because I questioned his tub-thumping glee that Greece was weathering the storm so well. I doubted it then and I was right to doubt it.More

Central National Models Are Useless

Centralised national models for COVID-19 infections and deaths are useless for the general public. Leaking them achieves one thing only: more noise for the media outlets to peddle. More money for the newspapers, who are struggling. They serve nobody else.More


A satire or lampoon, originally one displayed or delivered in a public place. Example: “he delivered a long pasquinade at the expense of my friend.”More

COVID Winter

After weeks of stating clearly “no more national lockdowns” Wancock has now written in The Times to undo his own work.More

Don’t Go to the Office

Today, the CBI has claimed “our offices are at risk of dying.” Good! They’ve been dying since someone made everything open plan. Open plan doesn’t work for me or other introverts.More

Private Investigations

Today, the #Grauniad has alerted me to a company called Public First, which seems to have won an interesting contract to help Ofqual with PR. You might think that Ofqual need top PR at the moment, but this contract started in June. That’s right, Public First are the geniuses who completely failed to communicate the exams strategy to the public and anyone remotely involved in education. And Public First is run by cronies of the Gove-Cummings school of egregious narcissism. Watch this space!More

Baden-Powell’s Yachting Adventure

In the second episode of Library Discoveries we looked at Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the boy scouting movement worldwide.More

Episode 2: Lord Baden-Powell

Guy Burgess: Stalin’s Englishman

A life of Guy Burgess. The life of Guy Burgess. Not the ice cream man from Beverley, but one of the Cambridge Five cold war spies. One of the greatest traitors ever to grace our shores. Or was he?More

Episode 3: Stalin’s Englishman by Andrew Lownie

The New Normal Is The Old Normal

“The new normal” is a phrase you will see everywhere today. It must be a contender for the 2020 phrase of the year, alongside “social distancing” of course. There is a lot of debate about what normality will look like over the next twelve months, several years or longer, and how it will be different to the old normal, whatever that was. I suggest this is the wrong argument, and a waste of time.More

Paddy & Billy

The story of how Paddy and Billy kidnapped a German General during WW2 on Crete has been told many times. But each account lacks the perspective of one or more of the protagonists. For decades, Captain Billy Moss’s account was the definitive one. His book, Ill Met By Moonlight, became a major motion picture. Even though the inaccuracies drove Patrick Leigh Fermor, Paddy, to distraction, the movie has become the reality.More


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